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Most businesses today are expected to have a good social media profile. This is what customers expect, but, even more than that, it provides businesses with a platform to meet Digital Marketing Company Bournemouth , communicate and connect with users to get more leads and potential customers. For many people, providing an effective social media profiles across different platforms can seem like a daunting process, but it’s actually very simple if you have the right information and knowledge. Here we share our 7-point checklist to help you get your business up and running profile.

Identify the key social media platforms

It is important to identify the social media sites will work for your business. Facebook is a social networking site in the world [1] and Instagram, Linked In and Twitter all have a great following. But it is fair to say that each site has a different demographic of users (some facts that may surprise you) to think seriously about your target audience. If in doubt start with Facebook, but you should aim to provide a consistent profile in all four networks, if resources and time allow.

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A picture paints a thousand words

You’ll need to add a good-quality image for the logo, the cover photo and every image you regularly post on. large corporations tend to use the logo, the logo, the logo, but as a small business, you can add a little more personality, fun and may show the human face of your business.

Image size:

Profile picture – must be at least 180 pixels wide by 180 pixels high

Cover photos dimensions of 851 pixels x 315 pixels, but only the middle 563 x 315 of the picture, so choose an image that has an interest in the center than the one that has the details on the edges of the image. You can play around with it until you find the one that best project bushiness your brand.

Bring your business to life

Think of your social profiles as your shop window. It needs to be professional and give customers a view of what your business offers / sell and how it can benefit them. But do not be boring – avoid lengthy analysis and description of the company’s dull. Instead focus on the values ​​and identity. Your profile should bring your company for life, show your credentials, convey values ​​and appeal to your target audience. Take a look at other profiles of companies connected to you for guidance and inspiration, while bearing in mind that you may not be the target audience.

Allows incoming communication

Once you have set up your page, you’ll want to adjust the settings of your messages to be bespoke to your business and the way in which you want to communicate with your customers. Enabling your profile to receive incoming communication will ensure that there are ways in which potential customers can contact you should they want to. It also provides a call to action for every customer who wants to buy.

Get your customers to “Like” your

Once you’ve created your page, invite friends, family, and there are your customers to like your page. It’s very easy and you will get a person like your first! Encourage them to invite friends and family and so on. It can be implemented in the form of a competition where people who love your profile given the chance to win prizes. This could be one of the products or services, or gifts can be based around seasonal themes or events.

Make your posts interesting and relevant to customers

You will need to make the flow of information and posts to your customers to ensure that you deliver “always on” Digital Marketing Companies Bournemouth approach. Plan 1-2 posts per week per social profile and think about the quality of information you post to your page.

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