With the average person spend 9 hours per day on digital devices [1] and access their social media accounts for up to 15 times a day it is important for small businesses to understand how they would connect with potential customers through social media Digital Marketing Company in Nottingham during the trading period this busy. Active social media profiles on a number of platforms can make a business appear more professional and trustworthy [2] and can build your brand to new heights. Moreover, with 75% of people say they regard social media as part of the purchase process [3], it is a must for any business looking to improve their customer and revenue.

With big brands invest millions to make sure that they hit the right spot with their customers this Christmas, we look into the cost ways of fire effective and fast that you can add a touch of sparkle Christmas to plan your social this year, without breaking the bank.

Deck the halls and on the cover or profile photo

Get the sleigh bells jingling on your platform to ensure that the profile picture and cover photo has a holiday theme. Your cover profiles and photos must be sharp, clear images that represent your brand. Think about investing in some bespoke drawings made especially to promote your business over the festive period, but if the budget is not possible, then there are plenty of free festive frame that can be used to add existing images; The key is that your followers and visitors need to feel that this account ‘live’ to the times, and celebrate the festive season with them, rather than stale ‘baa-nonsense’ page.

According to the study [4] The average person has five social media accounts and they are actively using 3 regularly. To create consistency in your social media profile (consistency increase trust and endurance campaign) post the same Christmas-themed images on all accounts and continue to build your brand identity.

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Defined stall and make your Christmas time deals

Decide what your holiday offer (s) are and set your stall early. Have a clear idea and focus on what you can offer potential customers and how it compared to the competition will stand you in good stead. Create a series of pictures or short videos to promote your offer. 80% of all Internet traffic is based around video [5], so that the visual (and in particular, video) content is a must, because this type of content is more than 40 times more likely to be shared on social media than other types [6]. Make regular posts surrounding your offer and think about improving your post regularly or create a series of ads that can be placed across platforms.

Spreading Christmas cheer

The holiday season is a happy time of year so keep your posts full of festive cheer. This will allow you to join in the happy news around the holiday season, projecting a positive and joy through your brand. For example if you are related to the food business to think about sharing recipes festive (ideally via video) or why not start the competition to win a meal for two by asking potential customers to post comments or photos of their family’s favorite festive food? This will allow you to generate discussion, and hopefully like stocks. Globally we have Digital Marketing Companies in Nottingham come to know that festive time of year when we see red holiday Starbucks branded cups began to appear on the high street or a Coca Cola truck rolls to our TV. While you may not have this huge promotional power, try and find that triggers that resonate with your potential customers and to your particular brand.

Send customers to the landing page of winter wonder

Whether you are promoting a product, or offer limited competition, it is important to create special landing pages to direct your potential customers in order to create a targeted call to action and increase the perceived value of the buying cycle. For example. 20% of the posts should link.

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