The most important part of designing a new website is the ability for customers to find you! Most customers Digital Marketing Agencies Sheffield explain this as appearing on the first page of a Google search and the process is known as SEO or search engine optimization. So how does this happen?
First, you need to understand the most common phrases or terms that lock people into Google to find your business. A good place to start, to identify the key word of this, is to use the Google Keyword Planner.

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The second step to see you improve your website rankings is to make sure that you add the most common search term in the page title and meta description of your site. There are many good YouTube video that explains this in more detail
The third step is to rewrite the content on your website to include the most common search term
Step four is to keep adding new content to your website. Content needs to include search team you plan to Digital Marketing Company Sheffield increase your rank for. It’s more important to add a small amount of regular content of one big blog
HoneyBadger SEO team provides On-site SEO best practices to help improve Google ranking position of our customers. Our SEO services include on-site SEO, SEO off-site, review and update your Google My Business, writes the content to improve the existing website content, and connecting your website to other companies who may refer your services.

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