Stop! Before you do anything! There are a few things you need to do even before you pick up the pen or mouse click.

Many young novice relaxed began Digital Marketing Company Sheffield working as a freelance designer without thinking about the contract, payments, National Insurance, tax, VAT and so on. Unfortunately this can cause a lot of headaches further down the line, or worse, large fines from HM Revenue and Customs (better known as the taxman!).

From my experience I would say the following checklist will need to mark even before starting the job; whether it be a ‘job guvvy’ for the next guy, logo design for your mam colleague or even a large pay-off sites you can not wait to sink your teeth into.

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Create an identity, stationary and website
Creating document Digital Marketing Companies in Sheffield templates eg Invoice, Letter, Terms and Conditions, etc.
Create a charge sheet, the cash book and the sales and purchase spreadsheets
Get your business cards printed
Search recommended lawyer / accountant / book-keeper
Create an ad, as this brochure
Join the network and forum
Register with HM Revenue and Customs
Start working!!

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