Do create your HTML pages by hand or using one of the many editors nice HTML out there, HTML is a useful thing to know, especially in Web Design, not only you know how to actually Digital Marketing Company Nottingham make a document code, but you can see any mistakes that even the editor can make! Also, if you are looking for ‘a-little-something-something’ to add C.V. You are a good start, for areas such as Web Development, Web Design, programming, etc., etc.

What is HTML?
HTML stands for Hyper Text Mark-up Language. It is a programming language for creating web pages, and, unlike many other programming languages, easy to use and learn.

What Does It Consist Of?
HTML documents are basically contain the following three points:

Fill in the actual text you are working with
Tags decisive element in a document such as headings, lists, tables and so on.

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Tags that incorporate other objects into documents such as images, style sheets, sound, small programs called applets and movies.
A tag is a key item that allows you to insert anything into your document, or text format, and mostly come in pairs as in the following example:

Your text here
The first tag (the opening tag) shows that you will enter some text or other objects into the document.

The second tag (closing tag) ending task you just entered.

Some tags do not need a closing tag, such as

which presents a horizontal rules on your page. No closing tag that is required for a horizontal rule.

As you can see so far, the difference between the closing and opening of the tag, is that the closing tag has a “/” before the tag name.

Another tag that does not need a closing tag that attribute. Attributes are found within a particular tag, and they define things such as color, size (width, height) Size (pixels), src, class.

Here is an example of the tag, including attributes:

Hello Everyone
In this case, the and and attribute color = “”.

Is the necessary HTML in the capital?
HTML tags are NOT case-sensitive, although a good practice to write your HTML in lowercase, you might want to use uppercase letters, so you can tell the difference between HTML and text.

What About Space And “Carriage-Returns” When Writing HTML?
Browsers ignore all formats that are not incorporated into the tag. For example, they ignore whitespace in Digital Marketing Companies Nottingham the HTML document or a blank line. As a result, they do not appear in the actual appearance of your document.

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