Are you active in social media business? Have you ever had any negative comments? Do you have a plan in place to deal with customer complaints or negative feedback which may Digital Marketing Companies Nottingham come through social media?

Having a clear customer service and complaint management system for social media is very important in an increasingly online world today.

Establish a method to realize any problem, and respond quickly and appropriately to negative social commentary can help you increase customer loyalty and retention.

So what can your business do to prevent, prepare for, respond to and recover from social media to complain, or even worse, the crisis?

“The crisis of social media is a significant increase in the number of brand mentions through online channels and social have a negative sentiment or damage brand reputation and market share.”

There are many examples of social media crises in recent years. Some of the very common include:


In what they hoped would lead to a trend on Twitter, McDonald attempted to engage with customers through hashtags and #mcdstories #meetthefarmers. Unfortunately for the fast food giant, it backfired quite spectacularly, with Twitter users posting negative #mcdstories. In fact, they are not only negative stories, they really terrifying story of a fast food nightmare. They later admitted it was not just a good idea: “#mcdstories not go as planned.”

World of dreams

The stock price Dreamworld owner Ardent Leisure dropped 22 percent the day after the accident in the park Gold Coast that caused the death of four visitors and the event was widely regarded as a PR crisis. Dreamworld crisis managers say making five key mistakes in the first 48 hours after the crisis. Dreamworld chief executive put forward as a spokesman Craig Davidson, than the company’s chief executive Deborah Thomas, the first critical days after the incident showed that management failed to appreciate the seriousness of the situation.

Another major mistake Ardent This includes pushing ahead with the AGM of the company when the voice on the $ 860,000 bonus for Ms Thomas could be suspended. The decision to reopen the Dreamworld for the memorial was made too quickly and companies are forced another embarrassing resignation after the police advised the park is still a crime scene. the company’s press conference was derailed after Ms Thomas caught on to the question of why the company did not contact the victim’s family. Finally, questions remain over Mr Balnaves retire as chairman when the company was in the midst of crisis. There is much to be said about all of the above on social media and through the news channels.

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Prevention, preparedness, response and recovery Model (PPRR) is a comprehensive approach to risk management. This model has been used by emergency management agencies, Australia for decades and can save your business time and money when responding to setbacks, incident or disaster.

This can apply to handle social media complaints and crises as well. After all, having someone complains or even worse crises in social media can be a huge risk and have a huge impact on the business!

You can use the model PPRR to put plans in place before a crisis occurs and anticipate social media direct impac Digital Marketing Agencies in Nottingham may be for your business, and the impact on suppliers and customers, which can flow into your business.

PPRR stands for:

Prevention – which is always better than cure!

Readiness – how prepared you are to handle social media complaints or crisis?

Response – If there is an incident, did you / your business respond?

Recovery – If there is an incident, and you have to respond appropriately, how do you recover afterwards?

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