One rainy Monday during my internship, I edit the presentation in the public area of ​​The Creative Collective below. Penny, accounting and corporate social media whiz, walking downstairs for lunch and we started chatting. As we speak, he walked Digital Marketing Agencies Bournemouth to the sliding glass door for a closer look at the water began to rise in the yard. I looked at my shoes and realize that the soles wet. office has been flooded.

In a few minutes, all of the staff were off and in the mode of action. Yvette, ever fearless leader, dashed through the sliding glass door and into the courtyard poured in an effort to unclog the outside drain. I called the SES, the local council and finally Bunnings to try and get some sandbags to prevent more water entering the office. We found some fabric and all began to mop up the water quickly spread to the trash and Tupperware containers from the kitchen. With the help of everyone, some tarp and some homemade sandbags, we managed to save the office. Trust me when I say that every day internship with The Creative Collective is different than the last!

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A few months earlier, I live in Melbourne and trying to decide what to do with my life. I have decided to move home to the Sunshine Coast for a few months to save money for traveling. I had a vague idea that I might return to the study in 2018, but also consider working abroad for six months. A friend gave me the idea to apply for an internship to get some first-hand experience in digital marketing, something that I was interested in but never pursued. I reached out to The Creative Collective and asked to do some work experience, which turned out to be the best thing I could do.

In my two months at The Creative Collective, I met many wonderful people and patients learn a lot about the industry and gain a better understanding of the skills and interests me. It also helped me decide to go back to university to study Bachelor of Communication so that I could work in the digital marketing industry.

In my time at the company, I was given the opportunity to work on some projects and a lot of odd jobs. I sat in on a client meeting, attended a brand strategy session, helped write copy for a series of business presentations and attend a day-long seminar on Instagram for Business. Not many people get a chance to ask questions and learn one-on-one of the founders of the company, but it was exactly the kind of support I have come to expect. At the moment it is difficult to balance my full time work with my internship, but the team was very accommodating and I can exceed 100 hours I have set as my goal.

My big project at The Creative Collective is a plan and write a competitor analysis, which I presented at the company’s annual strategic planning meeting. I spent a lot of time working on this presentation and feel excessive satisfaction when I receive positive feedback afterwards.

The thing I most gained from my internship is the confidence and ability, something that can not be taught and must be learned through doing. I would encourage anyone interested Digital Marketing Companies Bournemouth in working in the digital marketing industry to apply for an internship with The Creative Collective.

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