Well if Robot Uprising will begin anywhere, it could be in one of the Google office. There was no floor where the staff are normally afraid to go (well they could not for security Digital Marketing Agencies Nottingham reasons, but if they could they possibly be afraid) where the engine is slowly taking over. This is probably not today, maybe not tomorrow, but it could happen one day …

Meanwhile, there is much that Google work on AI can help you with your AdWords account! Starting from a very useful tool for areas that can be useful if you have an account that is right for it. They are far from perfect, but they’re learning, day by day (given my opening paragraph might be concerned …)

So why Automation?

The real strength in this case comes from all the signals that can be analyzed at one time. If you think about the many factors that may affect the customer’s decision making then you will realize how hard it can be to get the right:

their demographics
time of day
their location
Devices they use
their interests
hopes, dreams, aspirations *

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  • Ok maybe a bit much

All of these things can and do influence whether or not your prospective customer will buy from you, how they will react to you in a certain moment. A 30-year-old users in Brighton at 3 am interested in fast cars will react differently to the 60-year-old from Oxford in 11 who like classical music. And balance all these aspects in one go virtually impossible without additional help. And that is where automation comes into play. That ability to balance all of these signals, some of which may not be available, to optimize the delivery of your paid advertising to get the best out of your marketing paid.

Loss of control will disrupt some marketers. Granted, I’m not 100% happy to take my hand off the rails so much. Sometimes you have to be able to control the delivery better than those offered by several mechanisms. However, some have their uses. Used properly, it can even improve your marketing.

So in 2019 the field of what you should be looking to automate and what I thought had to wait until the engine has evolved a little bit more.

Advertising responsive – The Right Message at the Right Time

Getting the right message to your customers is difficult. What is the best selling point, is your competitor that offers better prices than you, the main thing is the best, how this call to action than the others, the list goes on. Would not it be easier to just give all the best attributes of your machine and let this sort out?

Then this is right for you, and automation offered by Google, this is what I think has the most promising. Available in both Search and Display, this is a great way to provide the best advertisement for your customers when they see your ad. It also tells you which assets do best, allowing you to update the ads to improve performance always build the best ad.

Smart Shopping – Shopping Perfect Solution?

Shopping campaigns are a key aspect of any e-commerce marketing strategies. Shopping smart is that only intelligent? It really lean heavily on the idea that Google can analyze thousands of signals to get you the right customers at the right time. And while as a concept seems reasonable and we’ve had success with it in some clients it is not always given to succeed. It also requires you to hit the 20 conversion of expenditure over a period of 45 days, so it is not available to everyone (plus more data you have, the better the performance).

It does have some control, especially targeting specific products and set a target return on ad spend on the campaign. There is also a display ad that you set that increase your reach even Digital Marketing Companies Nottingham further, once again based on Google analyzes traffic and hitting the user when they arise tend to convert.

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