In this article I will share some of the search engine results of the local real advertising campaigns and also provide some food for thought so that you can decide whether Google ads that Digital Marketing Agencies Bath are suitable for your business or not.

Here’s a quick piece of solid evidence that can help you decide if Google AdWords can work for your local business. I’ve just finished counting my clients 2013 results were achieved only through search engine advertising R

The majority of my ~ 60 small and medium business clients in various industries including Home Improvement, Auto, Healthcare, Professional Services and Manufacturing. Most of my clients’ campaigns target only the Newcastle and Hunter Valley region locally, so it shows a strong indication of the level of large volumes of searches happen on Google in the local area only.

Visit website –

Inbound phone calls for business – 61 860

online conversion (question mail, online ordering, etc.) – 10 981

I pumped reports that these figures are more than double the 2012 figure my conversion rate has soared.

You can learn more about how local search conversion optimization case here.

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If you are interested in learning how we keep track of these results, you can find out more about it here.

Google ads can definitely give a fantastic ROI for many companies targeting local consumers online.

However, it is not for every business and there are a few key factors you need to consider when trying to ascertain whether advertising spending will be worth your while. Some questions you should answer before spending a penny on Google ads is:

  • Are people looking for my stuff online at my target geographic area?
  • Does my website visitors convert into leads and sales? (You can buy as much search traffic from Google as you like, but if your website is rubbish never be translated into revenue for you)
  • Does your offline sales process the solid? Do you change the query into a sale?
  • Based on my profit margin and capacity of new customers, etc., how much I was willing to spend on advertising to acquire new customers?

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I have several clients who are happy to invest hundreds of dollars per new customer acquired, because their products sell tens of thousands of dollars. For others, healthy CPA (cost per acquisition) may be only $ 10. It is totally dependent on industry factors, the level of competition in your local market, specialized products and services, your profit margins etc. Each business is unique in this sense ,

After running so many local Google ad campaign with ReachLocal, I’ve grown to learn the types of businesses that could really benefit from AdWords. I have also developed a good feel for the type of business should forget the Google ad and focus on other marketing channels. Since opening our Newcastle office back in 2011, we have turned away many prospective clients that we do not feel we can achieve a strong ROI.

If you have questions about whether Google local ads can work for your business, please feel free to drop me a line or leave a comment in the field below and I can offer a few suggestions to Digital Marketing Companies Bath help you make the best decision.

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