Driving traffic to a website is a difficult task and sometimes frustrating that a lot of people in e-commerce are familiar with. As a result, many e-commerce sites are immersed in missed opportunities and lost conversions.

simple mistakes such as wrong link building practices and poor digital marketing techniques to drive potential clients to go to a competitor. So, in this article, we will take you through Digital Marketing Agencies in Nottingham three simple steps to help you attract traffic to your website and increase your sales while increasing your customer base.

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What referral traffic?
When it comes to visitors to find your website, you do not have to solely rely on search engines. While SEO is a huge part of online marketing, other techniques can provide an extra boost.

referral traffic refers to the view or traffic reaches your website through other websites or other platform (platform reference). For example, when someone clicks on the link on Facebook and taken to another website, it is calculated by tracking software as referral traffic. References the term used for hosting a website known as a referral link.

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Why referral traffic so important?
referral traffic comes with many advantages that all the bottles to increase revenue. This gives potential visitors a chance to visit your website, even if they have not heard about it before. In other words, it gives you extra visibility sites. Thus, you can reach a wider number of viewers or visitors to your content – this audience could be potential customers or clients.

But it does not end there.

referral traffic also comes with great SEO advantage. Link refers to your website – for them to be believed – will act as a valuable ‘link juice’ which affect the organic rankings as a result. The more strength you build your business through traffic add to this, the better your website will appear.

How to increase referral traffic in 3 simple steps
Read on to discover 3 simple steps that will help to increase your referral traffic.

Step one: off-site content (link building)
Every website owner aware (or should be aware) that the ethical link building can greatly affect the authority and ranking sites. This involves creating shared content that other websites would be happy to share a mutual link.

This is all well and good, but it is a time consuming process. When you’re busy running your business online, how often do you really consider publishing your own content for your blog – let alone for blogs from other related sites or e-commerce sites? This is where we can help link services.

Check out our link building tips for more guidance!

Step two: social media marketing
A recent study conducted by Bulldog team found that about half of all Internet traffic going to social media platforms. Nearly every digital marketer can testify to the great benefits that come from taking advantage of some of the social media platforms that are currently available – Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube; You get the gist.

Publishing regular posts on social media and include a link to an e-commerce site or blog is a simple but effective to increase referral traffic.

According to research Digital Marketing Companies Nottingham conducted by the Social Media Examiner, nearly 90% of marketers indicate that the digital marketing through social media to give them more than double their initial exposure.

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