Web site traffic has you somehow go down and you do not know why or how to fix it?

The decline in traffic can be Creative Digital Marketing Agency in Bath a scary thing because it often occurs in the hands of the decline in revenue. If you are relying on organic traffic for a large percentage of your business, then this can sometimes mean the burden on your business that leads to uncomfortable realities such as layoffs.

If you have experienced this, we want to help you get back your business on track. It takes effort and investment, but rest assured that it is possible.

There are two steps to take:

First, investigate the decline as much as you can in the ability and skills;
Assuming there is actually a decrease in traffic, consider professional involved with (perhaps an SEO site audit) to fully diagnose the cause of the drop and create a gameplan to recover.
This post will cover what you, the website owner or marketer, you have to do to investigate the decline on your own before contacting someone to pay them to help you get back in traffic.

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These steps are the beginning of what a professional who you hire will do anyways, so you can save yourself some time, heartache and money by having many answers as possible before you start.

The steps are:

Confirm that the drop actually occurred;
Identify where the drop occurred;
behind why the drop may have occurred;
Set up tracking for the future (after you recover)
Step 1: Confirm drop traffic
Google Analytics alert decline began to arrive in the inbox. Ranked trackers say your ratings go down. Friends started asking how to find your article about blue widgets. Some wonder if you see a decrease in traffic on Twitter.

That sinking feeling becomes stronger. Do you miss the traffic? Did anything happen on the internet that will negatively affect your business?

First, you need to identify if you really miss the traffic. There are many times where traffic decline appears to have occurred when in fact something else shifted online, such as:

One of the biggest roll of the mobile Digital Marketing Company in Bath platform a new operating system and start organic traffic is reported as Direct;
A rank tracker stopped updating or having trouble with attractive rank, and report your rankings as N / A;
You lose the GA tracking code on your site.

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