As I’ve been building Credo over the last few years, I have realized that in order to have a chance to succeed Digital Marketing Agency in Bournemouth as an entrepreneur or a high-impact professional you have to upgrade your mindset.

Now, I’m not the most woo-woo people. I refuse meditation for a long time. I do not take mind-enhancing supplements. I tend to be skeptical of things like “setting your intentions” or “custom millionaire”.

But, I think there are people out there who pointed us in the direction of higher mentality, to become a better person, and think much bigger about our lives rather than just certain things that we do day after day.

If we are fortunate to be in a position to do so, we must live for something far greater than ourselves, and look to substantially affect the people around us. Honestly, this is why I drive myself so hard.

There are some podcasts I listen to these days who does a great job of leveling up my mindset, my inspiration, and the host I see in one way or another.

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So today I share them with you.

School of Greatness
First, Lewis Howes School Greatness podcast. Lewis is a former athlete turns pro lifestyle entrepreneur (she and I have both been guests at Brian Clark employed) who do extraordinary depth interviews with people who you may or may not hear who will change your mindset. I suggest that you start with an interview with Kobe Bryant on Mamba Mentality. I hear at least four times myself. Also check out the book Lewis The School of greatness, which is a New York Times bestseller.

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Chase Jarvis Live
Second, Chase Jarvis Chase Jarvis Life podcast. Chase is the CEO / Founder of Creative Live online learning platform, and is also a renowned photographer in the world. This podcast is aimed at creative professionals and entrepreneurs, so he had awesome suggestions for creative and business owners service. I recommend starting with an interview with Scott Belsky of 99U (video here). You also have to listen to the episode with my friend Rand Fishkin.

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Empire Show
Thirdly, I have a new one for you. It Empire Podcast with businessman Bedros Keuilian and Craig Ballantyne.

These people have been good to build an outstanding business, with Bedros Fit Body Bootcamp franchise became one of the fastest growing franchises in the United States.

Craig is the first business coach Bedros, and is a super smart businessman. If you want to get pumped to think bigger about your life and the world and its impact on your industry, this is the podcast for you.

This super followed up to say the least. I really recommend starting with the most recent episode of her, How to become a self-made millionaire. I PROMISE was not cheesy as it sounds. These dudes are the real deal.

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Escaping Velocity – Dan Martell
And Martell is the founder 5x with 3 out software entrepreneur who now coaches (including myself) through SaaS Academy program how to grow (and out) of their business.

This is a newer event And (you should also check out his YouTube channel) where he interviews the founder extraordinary (like this Shopify founder Tobi Lütke) about growing their business. Everything from building the future of business services for the retail, and covers these topics and apply them to enterprise software. In fact, they can be applied to most businesses.

Find it here at Apple Pocasts

The Mixergy good podcast listening, and you may have to listen to it, but I am always amazed at how Andrew Digital Marketing Company in Bournemouth Warner asking hard questions and get real answers about what it takes to build a company.

Andrew interviewed so many entrepreneurs extraordinary that I looked into, including the founder of the SaaS market companies as well as large and small companies with a businessman with a smaller team.

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