Even when you know it is an effective strategy to grow your email list, you usually still left with more questions:

what content should you make?
How do you convert people?
What email service should I use?
What do I do with them after they sign up?
How do I actually turn them into customers?
These are all very valid, but also a very insurmountable problems.

But I would assume that you Digital Marketing Agencies in Nottingham have taken care of the first four. If you do not:

Answer the questions people have been asking for you or teach them how to do what you do (which is the highest ROI you’ve ever had on a content marketing);
registration of goods on your site, and put the top slice of the impact of content on your site above the fold;
We recommend Drip, but there is a lot that you can use. Just make sure it has automation and marking so that you do not pay double for customers who sign up for more than one piece of content;
Keeping them involved with the follow-on email, case studies, content that they will enjoy;
Let us now!
One of the highest leverage things ever done on the Credo in the last month is to carry out one email. truly

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Here I Credo podcast episode about it (subscribe on iTunes!):

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The following strategies:

Create a content upgrade which people can sign up for. Upgrade of this content must reach your target market right and was near the bottom of the funnel conversion;
Send their contents (and dropping them to a conversion page where they can click to download also allows you to track conversions in Google Analytics.);
12-18 hours after they convert, they send personal text plain (not automated) email asking them if they are looking right now for what you offer.
It is that simple. Here’s how it’s set in Drip for me:

And this is the exact text I Digital Marketing Company in Nottingham automatically send:

Hey, are you looking to hire external providers to help you with your digital marketing?

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