Hiring is hard at the best of times, but to employ someone for the role of SEO manager can be quite challenging if you do not know what to look for.

First let us discuss what SEO Manager and should be considered at this level, then let’s look at some SEO Manager job description we’ve mined all over the internet.

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What is SEO Manager?
SEO Manager is a mid-level position either at home or at the agency. I’ve either personally, so let me explain the difference.

As an SEO Manager in agent (I personally worked for Distilled in New York City), I expected to have my own clients, help them grow their business through SEO great technical, content and link building, and also to consult with them to help them get something done.

Of course we always have more to learn, but I expected to have the knowledge of experienced about how SEO works, what works to drive results for different types of clients, and also meat-positioned to help clients get done working with the design of their internal development team, and content.

An SEO manager, the most important, is autonomous. An SEO manager is expected to have a channel.

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Similarly, I was Marketing Manger online (promoted to Senior Marketing Manager several months later) in , part of a family group Zillow real estate brand.

As in-house SEO manager / lead, I expected to:

Diagnose and work with the team to improve SEO issues;
Conduct Keyword Research to identify new areas of opportunity keywords, both for editorial and conversion pages oriented;
Create a link building strategy and employ a team to execute on it;
Hire a team to take digital marketing and SEO in particular, to the next level;
Basically, in-house SEO manager also has a SEO strategy (unless they report to the Director of SEO, which then oversee the strategy) and being able to think broadly across technical, keyword research, content, and link acquisition drive results.

SEO managers usually have 2-4 years of experience.

SEO job description Manager
the job description for any role varies across different company because the company level roles in different ways, but generally they all keep to the description above.

Here are some SEO manager job description we have found from all over the internet from our company know and trust.

Here is a SEO manager most recently Zillow’s job description:

Zillow looking for a smart, self-motivated, creative SEO Manager to join the team that had one of our most important marketing channel. The perfect candidate will have at least 2 years hands on experience solving problems SEO resilient and proven experience utilizing a variety of reporting and analytical platform.

You will solve a lot of problems and initiate major changes every day to work in all of our product team. If you’re interested in making a big difference to Zillow’s traffic, read on.

What you both are in …
Develop a long term SEO strategy with a strong focus on mobile web
Coming up with new ideas, leading brainstorm, and stay organized
Taking the hand and a creative approach to content generation
Stay current on new SEO research and trends
Conduct research specific sites and keyword competitive analysis
Audit SEO technical performances and driving the implementation of on-page SEO site optimization
Doing backlink analysis, opportunity identification, solicitation and optimization
Prepare and communicate regular and ad hoc reporting on performance SEO
Work independently with business Digital Marketing Agencies Sheffield stakeholders to identify KPI s, develop dashboards, and interpret metrics to deliver voice, data driven recommendations
Highly proficient in Excel / Word / PowerPoint with the ability to analyze the data and prepare a report presentation.

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