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“I know they’re an expert, but I want them to just work on my build backlinks and do not touch my site Digital Marketing Agencies in Southampton until they prove that they can build the link. The last person wants to do both, but I just want him to build the link. “

I wish I had a dollar for every time I’ve been this head. This conversation recently with a business owner who is looking to hire a marketing providers through Credo is just out of engagement that is not successful, but they are not willing to change their approach to find another operator who can actually deliver results.

Is this you? Have you had a bad experience working with a digital marketing agency in the past, and now that you’re free you’re afraid to hire again?

We’ve seen this all too many times in the Credo – someone came to us because they are trying to grow their business (through SEO / content / advertising) and so they hire an agency or consultant who in the end were unable to provide.

When that happens, I see one of two things happens:

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They are afraid to hire again and would like to start with too small a budget (when they can afford more) to “see ROI before I invest in anything”; or
They understand that a previous engagement had a reason why it did not work (usually a combination of factors involving the budget, communication, strategy) and they take a step back to think about it more deeply so that they can move forward with a new engagement will get their business results needed ,
If you are in this position, then I urge you to listen to 10 minutes of this episode of my podcast recorded (either below or in iTunes) all about how to approach the hiring if you are in this position.

You will learn:

Why involvement often does not work between business and marketing providers;
The questions you should ask before you sign the contract;
Why I do not believe starting Digital Marketing Companies Southampton with a small budget is the way to go.
Have a listen and leave your additional questions in the comments!

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