My wife and I arrived through the end of the tunnel about 6,000 feet, having just hiked down about 650 stairs on the highest peak in Madeira. Madeira is a semi-autonomous island owned Digital Marketing Agencies in Stafford by Portugal and is located approximately 300 miles off the coast of Africa.

We were there on our babymoon, with my wife was 7 months pregnant, and decided to go hiking because we are oriented to do.

To get there we drove through the streets impossibly skinny weather was awful, rainy and gloomy and cold. But then we showed through the clouds and began to rise above the clouds:

We went down and hit the point of decision. We were in the clouds, it was cold and rainy and windy, and we were trying to decide whether we should continue. Here is how steep it:

But we decided to continue, and to do that we had an amazing view like this:

We do not give up, but it almost did. We stood there, looking at each other and said “Let’s go a little further and see if it goes away.”

And as you can see from the photo above, it sure did not. It turned out to be a beautiful day:

And I think it’s a lesson that many of us, including myself, need to take to heart:

Too many people give up things too fast when it will be difficult and the outcome in doubt.

Launches a new blog and not get traction virus after 3 blog posts? Time to stop!
Start building links and do not see all the # 1 rating after one month? Must sleep! Time to allocate it.
Starting from the campaign paid early and barely broke even after 2 months? the acquisition is paid not to work for my company!
How is this reality:

I have gone through four iterations on this Credo pricing model. But with each one, we 2-3x earnings. If I had given up after the first 6mo, I would never have discovered what could be.
Lewis Howes just past 6 years doing his podcast. It took him five years of publication 2-3x a week for up to 800k downloads a month (source). Now he’s in over 2 million a month (according to its website). If he gave up three years on, what would he have now?
When I was in HotPads we started to invest in SEO at the end of 2013. A year and a half later is when departing. If we invested in it for 6 months, seeing all the growth we would’ve missed out on.

We have to start looking past claims “$ 100 million in 10 months” and begin to see how it got to that point.

We must begin to learn the customs and the process people go through to see the big month or year or businesses.

And we have to stop listening to “make money online” teacher who specializes in something different every 7-9 months.

If we want to succeed, we must stop giving up after a few months, and have to start thinking in a longer time frame. Three months is not enough time to “see traction” on the new channel.

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We must, as we did in the levada in Madeira, continue a little further and measure our progress.

But if we do not even go that far, down hundreds of stairs and through a tunnel that requires a flashlight, we will not have a choice.

So how do we shift from thinking about the things of the mind-set the cost, and instead of approaching them from a mindset of investment?

the big question.

We have been conditioned by society for immediate results
First we need to recognize that we have been conditioned by our society to look at that very moment. Want a cheeseburger? Bam there fast. New computer? Amazon Prime same day delivery, baby. Want to connect with someone half way around the world? Heyo, log in to Twitter.

While I love the variety of our modern conveniences made possible by advances in technology, I can not say that I always think they are healthy for us. Or at least, what they teach is not always serve us.

We push against what society and even our beloved technology teach us. It will be difficult.

Embracing and looking for a strategy, not tactics
Secondly we must start with Digital Marketing Companies Stafford a strategy, not tactics. No more 5 ways to perform X diet food content.

things are never really move the needle for anyone.

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