I was once at a conference where a speaker on stage talking about tracking the rank and gleaning insights from Digital Marketing Company Newcastle the rankings. The small business owner to sit there obediently and take notes on common tools she recommended.

Then someone in the audience took the mic during QA and said, “That’s all well and good, but what about when I had to crawl the site with 1,000,000 40,000 pages or to track the keywords?”

Speakers stunned. They never think about SEO on a scale previously. And fair enough, because they mainly work with local businesses.

SEO companies are very different from the local SMB or even SEO. You work with a bigger budget and operates on a scale that small sites can not comprehend. You invest in things in the long term and may work with multiple agencies and specialist team to get things done effectively.

If you are lucky, then you have an internal SEO team, too. You may be working on a large site like Zillow, or maybe you are a B2B company that you are really just trying to rank for some keywords that super competitive while also getting buy-in to the content that drives results leads and results.

SEO platform is usually recommended as Moz will not get you there. They are great for what they do, but they are not directed towards you.

So what is the best SEO tools out there for the company, and what you should SEO platform will see fit the needs of your company?

Platform vs tool
First, let’s quickly explore the difference between the platform and tools. It may seem simple, but in reality many SEO tend to collapse them together. It helps, in my opinion, to determine what we talked about before we talk about it.

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A platform in the context of this post is a mix of tools are all combined under one roof. A technical SEO platform may have a reporting suite, Suite SEO technical, research and content marketing suite, backlink tracker and much more. The platform is very useful in SEO company for all the data you need is pulled into one place, which makes reporting easier.

The platform, of course, more expensive than a single tool because they offer so many tools in one place.

A tool in the context of this post is intended for a single thing. The platform consists of several tools, but a single tool may crawler websites like DeepCrawl that do one thing very well – browse the site you are looking for a technical SEO mistakes. You can not track rankings in DeepCrawl, but you can integrate with Google Webmaster Tools, Google Analytics, and more.

With that out of the way, let’s get to the best SEO company’s platform and tools.

SEO firm platform
There are three platforms SEO company that we recommend for enterprise companies based on their needs and their budget.


Conductor Searchlight has long been the gold standard for enterprise SEO platform. Built from New York City (and they are now owned by WeWork), we already know the team Conductor since 2011 and has several clients on their platform.

They have a client services division is doing the work of great strategic SEO with their enterprise clients to also add insights that help you get a platform and execute on.

We highly recommend Conductor Searchlight.

Price is a custom.


SearchMetrics constructed from Germany and San Francisco. They claim TeeSpring clients such as Barclays, Trainline, and many more that show you they can give.

They are mainly technical SEO platform that helps you tie back your SEO initiatives for revenue and metrics that drive your business forward. They track the health of your site, the visibility of the site, and more to help you show how your site is doing in the Digital Marketing Companies Newcastle aggregate, and also provide insights on how to improve.

They, like the Conductor, also has a client services division to help you use their platform better and get better results.

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