LinkedIn can be a great asset to any business, whether you are a start-up, small brands or large companies with more than one hundred employees.
But where do you start, and how should Digital Marketing Agency Bournemouth you take advantage of social media platforms for your business?

What is so nice about LinkedIn?
LinkedIn was founded in 2002 and has quickly become one of the giants in the social media marketing crowd. It has many great benefits that can help build and grow your business digitally. Social media platform currently has 500 million members, and 260 million of them log on every month – it is a large pool to choose from and a lot of customers or clients to a potentially interesting.

Networking sites offer increased exposure, filtered search results and an opportunity for you or your business to showcase your achievements and share the latest news happening in your company or industry. You can create a real quality business connections with other companies that will solidate your credibility on the platform.

Who should use LinkedIn?
LinkedIn is good for businesses that want to connect with customers, but it was especially important for B2B companies that want to network to other brands on the platform. Do you know the LinkedIn platform is used the most by a Fortune 500 company? This means that it is useful for companies that want to grow and develop and to businesses who are already where they want to be.

How to use LinkedIn for business
Although LinkedIn is great for graduates looking for jobs, it is also a super useful tool for businesses that want to advertise their products and services.

Building a Company Page
As well as having your own personal profile, you must create a company page. It helps people to find your brand and make your business look legitimate. More detailed company page of a personal profile. It allows users to access detailed business information about your company so that your audience can learn more about your brand and job opportunities are available.

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Start connecting
Start looking for a connection on LinkedIn and use advertising tools LinkedIn major social media platforms to give you a little boost interaction.

For example, LinkedIn InMail is one of the most basic features, but the most useful for businesses. InMail allows you to message other users on LinkedIn, without having to connect to them first. You do not even have to be in the same group to send them a message! LinkedIn InMail describe as ‘a personal message that allows you to contact anyone on LinkedIn without an introduction or contact information.’ You can send InMail from either the user profile or through the search results on LinkedIn Recruiter.

This is different from just sending regular messages because you do not have to directly connect to the people who interact with them. You can get service in both LinkedIn and LinkedIn Premium Sales Navigator, which is discussed in more detail below!

Get your employees involved
Get your team members to talk about online business and a brand ambassador. Make sure they put your business as their job roles within their LinkedIn profile and often share news and achievements occurred in the weekly company. This does not only increase brand awareness, but lets others know your brand is legitimate and trustworthy by real people on the platform. You are also much much more human and personal as a business and not just another dull or robot company profile.

posting regularly
It’s not just enough to have a company page – you need to post regularly there also to remain active for your audience. At LinkedIn, you can send a sufficient amount of a variety of content, ranging from photos, videos, external links. It allows you to Digital Marketing Agencies Bournemouth display your blog and also website with a direct link to the site. Create and share your own blog articles establishes you as a thought leader in your field.

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