Find out how to use Instagram algorithms to your advantage. Spoiler! You can increase the level of involvement and performance without spending a dime.

Build success in social media is time consuming and sometimes dangerous process. But not so much Digital Marketing Agencies Nottingham like on Instagram, where what worked well one month might not the next. It all comes down to a mysterious Instagram algorithm, which determines how much airtime each post receives.

What Instagram algorithms?
We hear you cry! Well, the system code that determines what the user sees as they scroll their Instagram feed. When the application is first launched in 2010, all posts are displayed in reverse chronological order. Which means you see what your friends are posted, in the order in which they share. While this seems logical, it actually causes users reportedly lost 70 per cent of all posts and 50 per cent of the posts of their friends.

So, Instagram decided to mix it up. This platform introduces an algorithm based on relevancy to help users see their content is more likely to enjoy. But the elements that affect Instagram algorithm is still shrouded in mystery. Until 2018, when the platform explains that there are key factors that affect the optimized feed each user.

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Three factors are:
Flower. How many of you might be concerned about the content based on your previous activities.
Novelty. Natural priority is given to the most recent post.
Relationship. The more you interact with the profile, the more likely you are to see the contents.
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But what does this mean for the brand?
There are more than 25 million businesses are already active on Instagram. If you wish to receive real traction, you will need to do more than just post the product image.

Let us translate the above factors Instagram algorithms into action for your business:
Interest = Pay attention to your level of involvement. If one is performing well posting style, it means your audience is interested in it. Replicate and develop a style of posts will mean that more of your content will be seen by a wider audience.
Novelty = Post regularly. A post may be fantastic, but if it’s a few days old, it will not outperform equally interesting content shared by your competitors for a while.
Relationships = Interact with your followers. community management is the most neglected area of ​​social media strategies of most businesses. This is ironic because it was one of the best and cheapest way to improve your Instagram ranking algorithm.
How to improve the performance of community management algorithm my Instagram?
The main reason you have to interact with and manage your social media community that your account appears inactive. inactive accounts have little-learning algorithms associated with their content and perform poorly in the most user timeline. You will see if you take a break from Instagram. When you go back and start posting again, the level of involvement you will be much lower than when you left. inactive accounts have to claw their way back up to the high level of engagement by regularly posting and interacting with other users.

The unwritten rule of the algorithm Instagram is that you get what you put in. Unless you’re Jennifer Anniston, you can not expect to see a real growth on your brand page if you are not involved with the accounts of others.

Instagram intelligent algorithm profile of a professional.

Four tips to help you master the algorithm Instagram
Creating compelling content
Regularly create high-quality, aesthetically pleasing post with a description of the conversation should be the cornerstone of your Instagram strategy. Ask questions of your followers, encouraging them to tag friends or host occasional gifts to increase inbound interactions on your page.

There is no point in encouraging your Digital Marketing Company in Nottingham followers to comment on a post or direct message you if you will not answer.

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