IGTV (or Instagram Television) is the answer to Instagram to YouTube, and re-launched in 2018. It did not quite take off as expected, though, and you could be forgiven for leaving out Digital Marketing Company Sheffield of your marketing campaign entirely. However, it’s actually a pretty good tool, so today we’ll take a closer look and find out how you can use IGTV for business.

What IGTV?
Not to be confused with Instagram Live, IGTV is featured in the application that enables businesses and creators to create and upload long-form video. Instagram features content that streams live as it happens, while IGTV all pre-made and edited before posting to the application.

The biggest attraction of IGTV is the length of the video. Videos that appear in your main feed can be up to 60 seconds, but with IGTV you have ten minutes of time to play with. If you are lucky enough to become a verified user with magical blue check mark, you’ve got a whole hour!

How Does Work IGTV?
IGTV arrived a few years ago, but is not expected to be as popular as the creator. Initially, there is a button at the top of the screen next to the message icon that takes users to the long-form video content, but do not last long. Instagram finally removed this year when it became clear that people do not get involved with it. IGTV separate application also received lackluster results, with only about 7 million of Instagrams billion users download it.

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The IGTV app is still available, but the content can be viewed and uploaded on a regular Instagram application, so a bit excessive. The easiest way to find the content is to head to the Explore page, then click the button IGTV there. You can choose to explore what is suggested by Instagram, or search for a particular creator. Instagram filter what to show you, hold your finger on top of the post and wait until the message; You will be able to turn it down, store, or head to the user profile. You can also find content IGTV by going directly to someone’s profile, then switch on the main feed them to feed their IGTV.

Upload Content for IGTV
Using IGTV for business

Finding content on IGTV

If you are planning on being in the content upload to IGTV, it is quite simple. You can do this in one of three ways:

In the Instagram app itself
From the application IGTV
Your desktop via Instagram.com
Instagram has provided detailed, guides up-to-date on the video upload content for all three methods. It’s worth having a quick read before you start, so you can find one that is best for your business.

There are several requirements for your video content as well:

Videos must be at least one minute long. Anything shorter posted to your feed as regular mail.
Videos can be up to ten minutes long if you have a normal Instagram account. If you are a user is verified (fancy blue check, if you are not sure), you can send up to 60 minutes worth of content is lovely – but you have to upload from your computer.
acceptable only for video format is MP4.
Videos need to be uploaded in a vertical format with a ratio of 4: 5 minimum and a maximum of 09:16.
The maximum file size for the video under 10 minutes in length is 650MB. Up to 60 minutes 3.6GB. That’s a lot of content!
You should stick to the guidelines for the public, so if you are not sure to take the time to read them first. Violation of the guidelines is the fastest way to get your account limited or even closed – so avoid at all costs!
Top tips for IGTV for Business
If you plan currently using IGTV Digital Marketing Company in Sheffield for business, there are some tips and tricks that you can try to maximize your results.

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