Google My business has made changes to how it handles service-area businesses. Provide a good business or local customer service in the geographic area affected.

Google Change Location Digital Marketing Agencies in Nottingham Settings My Business For Local Service

Google define the areas of services such as:

Features service area is designed for business visit or give to local customers. For example, it can be used by:

A business that visit or provide to customers, but not serving customers at business address (such as a plumber or cleaning services).
A business that serves customers at business address, but also a visit or give to the customer (for example, a restaurant which also provides food).
Previously, you could enter a business address (hidden if you want). Unfortunately, you can no longer set your service area as a distance radius around your business. Google now wants you to specify service areas by region, city, zip code or state in Google My Business.

Local Service Area
Now there is a separate field for you to enter the address of your business and your service area. When you update your information (we recommend that you do this ASAP), you will have the ability to enter a business address, service areas, or both.

If you do not serve customers at your business location, leave this field blank and simply enter the relevant service area.

If you have both your business address and also has a service area, make sure you put both of them.

Small changes that Google has not yet announced as a result of this update. If you enter a business address now there is no option to remain hidden. Although the changes to the service area of ​​this function, of course, exaggerated.

Editing Service Business Area in me Google
Google now wants you to specify service areas by region, city, or zip code.

Businesses can edit Google business listing service area I them with:

Sign in to Google My Business
Through the menu, click info.
Click edit at the service area.
Enter the information service area for your business by region, city or zip code.
Applying changes.
Google My Business is generally fast enough to apply the changes, however, it warned it could take up to 3 days.

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But what do you do if your business includes a wide geographical area, several cities, and many a zip code?

If you choose to list your service area by the City, it is not clear when the actual area may cover a city listing. Does Google actually wants you to list every single city or postal service of your business?

So what is the best approach for your business listing service area?

They key here is ‘other areas’

Setting Up Google Business Local Change Service Area 1
In other areas, Google included local Council.

Instead of the cities, you mis services Newcastle, NSW, you can select a region with mis council Newcastle Digital Marketing Companies Nottingham City Council, NSW. This allows you to better control the geographic service area that you choose without having to register each one postal code service.

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