Wow – it’s that time of year again already? It’s cold outside, the sunset before I finished my lunch break, Michael Bublé has woken up to take the throne of the winter, and now it’s time to predict an annual SEO Roundup!

Forget Christmas; This is my favorite time of the year. The time of year where we can all speculate about Digital Marketing Company in Bath what is happening in the world of SEO and where we think it is heading in the next year.

It is an annual tradition that has been successful for some time. I started this tradition in 2017, decided to do it again in 2018, and even checked back to see if we are right about our previous predictions second year. (Turns out we are usually quite accurate, but when you throw 30 or so opinions on the walls, some is bound to stick).

Anyway, pour a glass of eggnog download mince pie, sitting by an open fire this lure and get relaxed … It’s the time to read the 25 expert opinion on how the SEO industry will stress us out in 2020. And then you can celebrate Christmas, I promise.

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In 2020, I believe that the rich snippets will continue to dominate the search results. Search Engine Land reports that 49% of the search ends do not click, so the importance of data markup scheme should continue to be in place. If you have not created video content, then you should, like video can be prioritized in organic search rankings. Using Twitter can also help with your brand visibility in search results since it can take priority over some of the organic listings. On the Fly High Media, since we started making YouTube content and use Twitter more, we see a huge increase in referral traffic to our website.

Stephen Kenwright – Co-Founder & Director of Engineering – Up At Seven

More large companies will be fined for violating the GDPR; ICO will move on Facebook and Google; plus Apple and Mozilla will continue to build on the ITP … so targeting and personalization will become more dangerous for companies that are not good at it. Results? Organic will look more and more lucrative in the marketing mix. 2020 will see an increasing expectation that SEO will increase. We should make better use of other channels to encourage organic performance and we are asked to take a more prominent role in the decisions marketers make about everything from web platform for TV ad campaigns.

Dave Elliott – Head of SEO – GiveMeSport

1) Every SEO technology I know have had ‘learned Python’ on their to-do list for ages. Following the great conversation of SEO is very smart, people, myself included, seem to have really started to learn it!

Python means that progress will be made around the user intent and how SERPs built. This will probably change slightly as a result of the increasing Bert and zero-click search. This should lead to a unique analysis and data sets with more customized analysis set-up and less reliance on out-of-the-box tools and reports.

2) Over the past years Google I / O, pretty much made of AR in the SERPs but otherwise pleasant afternoon taking photos with my colleagues get up-close and personal with lions, this has not come to much.

Next year I think the partners previously announced it would start displaying the coach fully extended, and planets phone directly from Google’s SERPs and will be announced and launched a sort of extension Shopping Ads that allows brands to add 3D models of products. AR features will change the shopping carousel or a list of products in the SERPs and drive product-focused organic results down the page while some AR features will be associated with the knowledge panel.

3) In this article, UX and speed of the page is often talked about, however, are so many websites I used to visit has become Digital Marketing Agencies in Bath almost unusable in recent years because of placement, volume and interference from advertising. In GiveMeSport we take our ad drop step .

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