Last year we explore some of the major challenges that we thought the retail industry will face in the months and years to come. It quickly became the most popular blog post us. Despite Digital Marketing Company Newcastle the short time that has elapsed since the original post was published, there were some significant developments in the retail sector.

For that, we thought it was a pretty good time to review the new problems faced by online retailers in 2018.

“Alexa, how the company will manage the voice search in 2018?”
Siri, Alexa, Google Now, Cortana, they all do broadly the same things, and for the purposes of this post, we treat them as one entity. voice search is here to stay, and all the statistics show that its use is increasing:

40% of adults use voice search once a day –
So, how retailers can take advantage of this growing trend?

Today, the voice search on mobile phones, tablets and laptops more capable than devices such as Google and Amazon Echo Home. The former can take a search like where I could buy the shirt of Manchester United “and take the user to a page where they can make a purchase. The latter has a slightly different problem in that they can only deliver a limited amount of information and in an audible response.

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The challenge to perform well for this search vary on purpose. For example, if someone searches using sound to find out what time of Game of Thrones is on, it is easy, just need to find a search engine results and deliver it, either through the display or speakers.

What if we use the example of Manchester United shirt we though? How the service handles some potential option?

siri and google voice search results

As you can see, the results are relevant. But what about when we asked for more specific information?

“Where can I buy a shirt Man United?”

Assistant Siri and Google voice search results 2

As you can see, Google has done well. Siri … not so much. I know for a fact that the United Colors of Benetton shares no football shirts.

What if we change it to “Where can I purchase a shirt of Manchester United?”

Assistant Siri and Google voice search results 3

slightly different results, but Google has given me something useful. In this case, Siri has shown me a relevant store, however, and it is a big but, this store is located in Manchester, and a search carried out in Brighton.

Not good.

So, one service is better than the others, what is the problem?

The possibility that in the future, customers will want to order and pay for items using voice search and retailers must be prepared for this. For example, how to apply on the site? How do we find out what people are searching for? How much will the search query itself is different from traditional search?

The fact that Android is no different results for a very similar question tells me that Google is interpreting different for each search query and that retailers are not focusing on voice search.

If they are, you might assume that the same retailers will return to both questions.

This article from Search Engine Land goes some way to broaden how we as marketers search approach sounds interesting and worth reading. (Spoiler alert: we all still have more questions Digital Marketing Companies Newcastle than answers). My thinking is that the work has been done to rank for pieces features will be diverted to the voice search at least to some extent.

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