Over the past few years, it was taken in by a massive way. From the local pubs and restaurants to wine Digital Marketing Agencies in Southampton shops, festivals and supermarkets. It suddenly everywhere.

With the boom in the product or service, often comes increased competition.

So how brewers, brewery, bars and pubs can stand out in a competitive market?

Well, quite simply, to compete, invest in digital marketing and in particular, SEO is a must.

In this post, I will look at the opportunities available to the company’s SEO craft beer, pub and brewery, and I’ll show you how they can take advantage of this boom in the industry.

The growth of the Craft Beer Industry
Quite simply, the craft beer industry continues to increase. But do not just take my word for it, let’s look at Google Trends.

Google Trends is the right place to find the latest and visualization of data trends for keywords and topics. Using this tool, you type a word or phrase and you can see its popularity from time to time with the scores given to express the increase or decrease in the popularity of the term during a certain time span.

In the chart below, I have seen the term Craft Beer in the UK over the last 5 years and as you can see, this term continues to increase in popularity, reaching an all-time high score of 99 in February 2017.

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By the looks, the popularity of craft beer will not go away and with more and more people searching for terms related craft beers, now is the time for companies craft beer, breweries and pubs to invest in the marketing and profit.

Google Trends – Craft Beer

Examples of SEO Quick Win: Beavertown Brewery
One of the things that prompted me to write this post was looking around in Beavertown Brewery site. They make one of my favorite beers, Neck Oil and I love their branding and image.

If you are not aware of them (if you’re into beer then I’m sure you are) then take a look at their website here. I like it. I showed my colleague and he thought it was strange so it might say something about me. I do not know. Either way, I really like it. This bright, visual, interactive and has a great video!

Now, I’m not sure Beavertown strategy when it comes to their web site, they may want to distance themselves from the craft beer-term, but for me, there are some major opportunities for Beavertown to rank for it. As I have indicated above, the term is proving more and more popular on Google, so there is a strong argument that the term should be incorporated into the site.

Looking Beavertown in Google you are given the following results:

Results Beavertown Google

The first thing I noticed was that the terms Craft Beer is not anywhere to be seen. Not in the title tag, description, or even under one sub-category.

I immediately noticed several opportunities to Beavertown.

The term can be easily incorporated into your title tag that reads Beavertown Brewery: Craft Beer is what we make and love. (You could even argue that this could actually rewritten for further optimization).
There also does not seem to be a meta description in place, so there is another chance here to add one to the homepage that the target term, or at least, other related terms.
It made me think. If a company is relatively well-known craft beers like Beavertown not see these opportunities when it comes to their marketing, others may not.

What else are they missing? What other marketing opportunities are there?

I decided to look at.

Here are a few other SEO opportunities that I identified for its craft beer …

Local search is Imperative for Craft Beer Marketing
To begin my research for this post I just Digital Marketing Companies Southampton typed the term craft beer to Google and one of the first things I noticed was that the results returned that are localized.

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